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Hey guys, I’m back. Apologies for having been absent for a while, but I’ve had the busiest weeks ever. I just got back from my trip to Italy last Saturday and headed straight to the Bloggers Ball event a few hours later… Crazy! Good news is I have loads of things I can’t wait to share with you, so before you dig into this post: make yourself comfortable and grab a glass of your favourite drink because this post will definitely take up some of your precious time.

A few months ago I was talking to my boyfriend about Pitti Immagine Uomo, and how I used to model for an agency, which was involved with the fashion show on a yearly basis. He then told me that he would have absolutely loved to go and watch the fashion show that was going to be held in Florence(Italy) the following June, as Raf Simons and Gosha(whom he is crazy about) were showing their Spring Summer 2017 collection on that occasion. I had been a model at Pitti(Pitti Bimbo, as I was very young) for around ten years, but had never actually been to see any fashion shows. Little did I know, there was absolutely no way to actually purchase tickets for the  runway show, and soon discovered that the event was only opened to a selected public of invited people. Excuse me? Unfortunately we only  found this out once we had already booked our flights and had arrived in Florence. We then understood that the tickets we had were yes to enter Pitti, but ‘only’ the expositions, in which you get to see all the new collections of different brands from Superdry to Giuseppe Zanotti, but unfortunately did not allow you to attend the runway show. Although we were still going to have the chance to attend the exposition, which is an event not opened to everybody, I can’t even start to explain how disappointed I was when I found all this out, and was starting to feel like our trip to Italy was a complete waste of money and time.

Having spent one hour in the airport’s parking lot, after landing, because the machine would not allow us to pay the parking fee, as it  kept saying  our ticket was faulty, discovering that we were not going to attend any kind of runway show after all, made me feel like the new Bridget Jones. I had taken holidays from work, flew all the way from London, gotten stuck in a parking lot for an hour and all for a fashion show I was not going to watch. What else could possible go wrong? Luckily my boyfriend is way more patient than me, and decided that we were still going to have a great time in Florence.

The morning after landing, I decided to bring Andrea to Piazzale Michelangelo, a must see place if you are ever in Florence. Together with Fiesole, Piazzale Michelangelo definitely has the best view of the city in my (and everyone else’s ) opinion.

The second day, when we got our tickets for Pitti, we decided to head over to the Fortezza Da Basso, where the exposition takes place every year. I was still disappointed that we were not going to see the fashion show(believe me I did not stop being gutted for the rest of our holiday!), but the free drinks definitely started to put me in a better mood. I was expecting to see people dressed in the most extraordinary outfits, but actually noticed that sartorial suits seemed to be every man’s pick. Don’t get me wrong, they were beautiful outfits and the colour pick varied from suits to suit, but they all seemed to be dressed pretty much the same. 

Anyhow, Pitti is also  the place you want to be if you are  interested in getting to know emerging brands, rather than the already well known ones.

  • Wood’d was one of the stands I really enjoyed. I must say I was amazed by the fact that their phone cases did actually smell like wood. The designs were original but still had that classy and traditional touch to them.
  • Zespà, Aix-en-Provence also caught my eye, as their shoes reminded me of the Common Projects and also Axel Arigato shoes. I love that casual trainer look that these shoes have, and will definitely be checking their website once it is up(for now you can check out their instagram page).
  • Superga  were another two of the stands we stopped by. Although Superga is not an emerging brand, as it has been around for over a century, I believe the brand has had a rebirth in the last 3/4 years. I’ve personally worn Superga shoes since I was a child, as it is probably the most used brand for Italian trainers, and I am looking forward the their next SS17 collection.

The third day  we headed over to Giardino di Boboli,  a beautiful park behind Palazzo Pitti. I’ll soon make a separate post on all the beauties of Florence, which is why I won’t go too much into details now.

The last day  in Florence, I got the chance to catch up with some friends and then head back home ready to fly back to London.

Despite the inconveniences, our holiday was amazing, and was so glad that we were able to look at the bright side of things and make the most of our stay.

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