Remember the Bloggers Ball event I mentioned in my previous post? Well get ready because this next post is all about that!

When I first started thinking about my blog I was researching so much about platforms, hosting, editing and all that good stuff a blogger apparently needs to know. All that reading was quite overwhelming so I decided to check out some bloggers events online, hoping to find some kind of conference that would help me understand a bit more how it all works. I went on one of my favourite websites for searching events www.eventbrite.com ready to sign up for a conference that would finally enlighten me.

Suddenly I saw the  Bloggers Ball event and decided that I was going to participate even though I still didn’t have a blog. Discovering that you actually needed a URL of your blog to attend made me a bit anxious but definitely speeded up the process of me creating my blog. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the event, as I had no knowledge whatsoever of how any blog related event worked, but I can now say I am so happy I decided to take part in it.

So the following months after me purchasing the tickets were spent finding a name for my blog(if you read my first post you know exactly what I’m talking about). Finally I came up with it, I had a blog, I had a URL and was ready to attend the Bloggers Ball event.

The event was organised by Scarlett London, who has been organising these kind of events for a couple of years now. When I arrived at the venue, which was at DSKTRT club in Piccadilly, my plus one was had yet to arrive, which made me quite nervous as I obviously did not know anyone( I had been blogging for around three weeks). But luckily the atmosphere was so chilled and welcoming that I soon forgot I was even alone. There was something really exciting about being in a  night club at 2 pm.

There were two young ladies at the entrance dressed as Chanel bags, which were pretty amazing.bags.jpg

The club was filled with many stands representing different brands, from make up products to actual meat. The whole vibe was so chilled and welcoming. Although there were a couple of people who seemed like they had it all figured, I also met a lot of very nice people who just wanted to have a nice evening and meat new people. I actually met a girl whom we are planning a collaboration with…Very exciting!

The only down side of the event was that I only got to eat one cheese stick for the entire afternoon. Ok, I’m not the ‘Where’s the food at ?’ type of girl, but I expected there to be something a bit more filling to keep us going for a few hours. Could be that I spent too much time listening about the brands, and not enough looking for the food, in which case… My bad !

Overall the evening was absolutely magical and I just can’t wait for the next #BloggersFestival event in September.

I also bought home a lot of goodies, which I will talk about in my next post just not too bore you guys with a long list of products you probably don’t give too hoots about.

But if you do, please stick around and wait for my next post !












Thanks for readying guys, and stay tuned !

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