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As promised in my last post, today I will talk about some of the products that caught my attention at the #BloggersBall event.

After stepping into the club, I decided to head straight to EXUVIANCE. Pam( the lady at the stand) was surrounded by tons of people, which made me want to know what her brand was all about. After waiting for my turn, I got the chance to speak to directly to Pam. I loved how she asked each person who spoke with her to explain the kind of skin they had, in order to give them the appropriate product and not just some random sample.


Following , was Vatika Naturals, a  brand I was happy to see as I had actually heard about it and used it before.
VAATIKA.jpg                                                          VATIKA.jpg

Vatika is a brand that produces hair products,they aim to give you that soft touch, nice smelling, and healthy kind type of hair, and have a wide range of products to suit all hair types.The girls at the stand were very welcoming and actually explained that the products I had been using for my hair were useful , but probably not the most appropriate for my hair type, which tends to be very dry .

WD, was definitely one of the stands I enjoyed the most. The staff explained that the club was filled with coasters , and that only a couple of these had a golden star under them; whoever was able to find the lucky star would win one of their 2TB external hard drives. As luck is not really my thing, I decided I wasn’t going to kill myself looking around the whole club for the lucky star, but that instead I would only turn a couple of coasters and that if I hadn’t find it by then, I was going to stop. While Paris( who had  by then arrived) turned her sixth or seventh coaster with no luck, I turned the second coaster I saw, and…You guest it! I was actually one of the lucky ones who found the golden start.13694036_10209791596323676_79854722_o



I ran straight to claim my prise,


and was given this amazing little device.



If you’ve ever lost all your media on your phone or laptop, then you know what the feeling is like. I personally felt like a part of me was gone when my I-phone 6 was stolen (told you luck is just  not my thing), which is why I am so looking forward to storing all my pictures and videos on this new device.



Have you ever had a cold sore? Maybe just before a uni exam? Or why not the day before a job interview? Well Lipviri is what you need. Lipivir is the new lip gel that prevents blisters and reduces the frequency of cold sores.13588909_10209657528252058_1542975131_o.jpg



BRAVURA LONDON is a skincare brand that provides products for different type of skins. Just like with Pam from EXUVIANCE) we were asked if we had an oily or dry skin and was given the right type of sample. I ended up with the Salicyclic acid 2% which is great for oily/acne skin types that are more prone to open pores and blackheads. All you need to do is apply some of the Salicyclic acid on your face and leave for around 2 minutes (you may increase by a minute each day up to a maximum of 10 minutes, 15 if you are applying on any other part of the body which is not your face) and then rinse off.




Want to Jazz up your cocktail or just add some taste to a hot drink? Well MONIN is the answer.  We were served some tiny glasses of the Yuzu drink which is a mixture of grapefruit, lemon and sour mandarin taste…Delicious!

13575507_10209657926822022_1350088195_o   After a refreshing taste of Yuzu we got to

   taste some Espresso Martini,

which were prepared in the cutest

little cups.

Some chocolate cookie syrup was added to the drinks ,which gave it the nicest and sweetest taste ever!




Last but not least was SO…? A fragrance brand which I’m now totally in love with. Their fragrances are so sweat and fresh and most importantly very affordable. 13616314_10209658072185656_1287626241_o.jpg


Have you tried any of these products? What are your thoughts about them? Feel free to leave a comment!

Until next time !



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