Mexico: the terrestrial paradise !

It’s been a while since I last wrote on my blog and I apologise. All I can say in my defence  is that Summer has really gone by so fast!  With my recent work promotion(yey me!), researching for my last year’s dissertation(some of you may feel my pain here) and going back home to see my family, time has just flown by in the blink of an eye!

This said, I am now ready to get back on it, and  I have so many things to share with you guys, starting from my lovely trip to Cancún, Mexico.

The last day of July I flew back to Florence(Italy) just to head off  to Mexico two days after that with my family. I knew this would give me very little time to prep for my holiday, which is why I  decided the following things where necessary:

  1. Only bring clothes that I will be able to use in Italy and Mexico( fortunately it is hot in August in both countries, so that was easy!).
  2. Don’t stress about getting a pedi/ manicure before leaving if you don’t have time. I had work up to my last day in London and did not have time to get any of that done. So I decided I would get my nails done in Italy, before flying to Mexico(great idea!). Remember: most times you will be able to visit a hair/nail saloon when you arrive at your destination, so do not stress if you don’t manage to get it done before flying out!
  3. Have your camera, camera charger, phone charger, passport and tickets ready . You do not want to be searching for these primary things at the last minute( especially when you are flying to two different destinations in the same week!
  4. Remember to bring all you need in order to get your work done, if you have any, but be realistic about what you are going to be able to get done. If you have uni work for example(as I did) do not bring all the books you have to read for the beginning of the term, because unless you’re planning on spending all your time in the hotel room reading, it’s just not going to happen. Just bring one or two books(depending on the length of your stay and how much of a fast reader you are ).


So having all this sorted out, I was ready to fly to Cancún. I had  already been to Mexico twice before, but this was the first time going with my parents. I knew it was going to be quite different from my other trips to Mexico, as I was not going to do so much of the partying but more of the beach and relaxing part of it. Also, as two years have now gone by since I left home, it took a minute to get used to being with my parents 24/7. However, it was wonderful to finally spend some time with my them, as I only get to see a few times a year.

We stayed at the Catalonia Resort in Playa Maroma, which was ABSOLUTELY incredible. The staff there was ever so welcoming and helpful. The resort has it’s own beach which was pretty cool, as we didn’t have to go far to lay on the beach and sip cocktails. Obviously if you want to see the ‘postcard ‘ beaches then you might just want to step out of the resort and explore the beautiful ‘playas’ not too far from Cancún and which you can reach by taxi or coach.14543368_10210479253074665_86809369_n

The most amazing place we got the chance to visit was definitely Isla Conoty. It is uninhabited beach, where only five biologists live research purposes. If you have the chance to go there, I’d recommend going to the top of the tower at the back of the beach, to appreciate a magical view of the entire island. It is absolutely beautiful!

The only down side of this trip was that on top of the price of the excursion ( which depends on who you book with, ‘obviously’), you then have to pay an extra fee for actually being on the island, which is of about 9 euos, or 187 pesos pp(£7.85). Although the excursions brochure we got from the hotel did say that there was an extra fee to pay ( in very small characters), the entertainment company at the resort did not remind you of this when we were paying for the excursion!

Gladly we had bought money with us on the trip, but you can understand how fustrating this can be if you decide to travel without cash, as you think your excursion has already been payed for. On top of this, all the information about the island was given to us while on the coach to catch the boat(better late then never?).  The island is sort of an ECO park, so you are not allowed to bring any sand/ seashells/ star fish with you back on the boat( my dad has a small collection of  particular seashells so I almost fought him to put one back in the water ). Also, you are not allowed to smoke on the island , and you are not allowed to put on sun screen to avoid polluting the environment, so you might just want to put it on before you land on the island. Fortunately none of these ‘restrictions’ were an issue for me and my family( a part from not being able to bring home a seashell ahah), but it would have been nice to know exactly what to expect before booking the journey. Of course the trip is also not suitable for pregnant women, as the boat journey is very bumpy.


Isla Contoy was not the only amazing place we visited. Among Mexico’s beauties are Playa Mujeres, and Playa Paraiso (in Tulum). Tulum is the only Maya city built on the beach, and together with Playa Mujeres ,it is definitely worth a visit!tulum



But as for everything in life, there were also some down sides of the holiday.The company we flew with was BLUE PANORAMA( please stay away from them !!!). The flight was absolutely awful, with horrible and unwelcoming staff. If you even just asked for a glass of water (which seems quite legit to me for an 9hs flight), they’d look at you as if you had just asked them to stop the plane for a minute because you needed some fresh air or something! Also the animation team at the resort was helpless. I won’t even start on the animation itself, as that’s not what we went on holiday for, so the fact that it was wack, really did not bother me that much, but the way that the representative of the company dealt with her clients, was far from professional. The Italian representative for the company called  FRANCOROSSO was ever so rude when we addressed an issue we had with our flight tickets. I won’t go too much into details, as this post is more to tell you how much of a great place Mexico is than to vent about some unprofessional travel agency rep. But seriously, if you are in doubts on who to book with for your next trip to Mexico, one thing is for sure: FRANCOROSSO is not the way to go! I am talking pretty much only for my fellow italians here, as I believe FRANCOROSSO works mainly with Italian customers. So Brits, you are safe! I must say, the rep did try to apologise  for her rude manners by putting us in business class on our flight back home, but although that was her way of compensating for her lack of professionally, I still felt as if it wasn’t enough.

I like to share with you guys the good and bad sides of my trips, as I’d like this blog to be helpful to those who wish to visit the places I mention.

Luckily Mexico is such a great place, that you still end up having a fabouslous time, even if you’ve booked with a terrible company. But after traveling all the way to the other part of the world, getting some good treatment , and finding that the people you’ve payed to organise your holiday are actually there to help is kind of a MUST for me.

Despite my young age, I have had the chance to visit some incredible places all around the world such as Cuba, Egypt, Jamaica and others, but I must say Mexico probably remains my favourite place out of all ! The people there are just so welcoming, friendly, helpful and respectful.stats


So something  very important which I learnt from this Holiday is that sipping Mojitos by the beach and drinking ‘cervezas’ on boats, is where I am at my happiest 🙂  ahahah just kidding (NOT!).14508726_10210454427654045_1700903284_n14542648_10210454447494541_1650493254_n


Hope you guys enjoyed this post! I’d love to hear about your recent trips and how your summer holidays went. Have you ever been to Mexico or would like to travel there? Please let me know by leaving a comment down below.

Lots of love, Isabel x




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