I’m here today to tell you guys all about the GO GLAM GALA I attended yesterday evening.

Back in  December I entered a contest for an opportunity to win tickets for this amazing event launched by Go Send. If you’ve never heard of them don’t worry because I’ll tell you all about them. I first discovered Go Send at the Bloggers Festival(a bloggers event hosted by Scarlett London). There, I was able to get to know about the company and what they do, and I must say I was really impressed. Basically Go Send is a shipping company that allows you to purchase US items and get them delivered in your country at a much cheaper cost than if you were to purchase them off each website yourself. Baring in mind that some companies do not even ship outside the US this solution is literally every girls dream!

How does it work? Once you’ve created an account with Go Send,  you are then able to go on their homepage and click ‘START SHOPPING’. You’ll then be asked to insert the links of each item you want to purchase from the retailer you’ve chosen and add in the description all the information they need such as size(for clothing and accessories for example), shade(if purchasing makeup) and the price of each item. Once you’ve done that, you add the items to your cart and submit the order. The perks of using Go Send is that they give every user a US address in Delaware, which you will use at checkout. Go Send will then purchase the items for you and send them to your Go Send locker at their warehouse  and once they receive the items they’ll let you know and  send you pictures to make sure you are happy with it and that the items are ok before you get them shipped to your home. You can then also choose the carrier you want to use for your home delivery. I believe the price varies on the quantity of items, size and weight of your parcel as Go send will put all the items in one single parcel; but the whole process will make you save up to 80% than if you were to purchase them yourself.

But going back to the actual event…

When I was informed I had won tickets to the event, and was able to bring a friend along I was super exited. I love going to bloggers event( read here about Bloggers ball) and if you know me you know that every occasion is a good reason for me to glam up!

The event took place at the QEII Centre  in central London, and the venue was really cool. When my friend and I arrived, we got a really good vibe from the place. There were people in the most wonderful dresses, music, a cocktail bar…everything was so good.

Cute  Nutrition also had a stand there, from which I was given a free Cute shaker. I’ve always wanted to try their products, but I’m a bit funny when it comes to detox, meal replacement shakes and all that jazz so if I ever decide to try them, you guys will
be the first to know.


I met some really nice people at the event, and although I’m sure it was full with well known Bloggers and Youtubers I was only able to spot Lydia Elise Millen,  who by the way looked absolutely stunning in her white Victoria Beckham dress.

The candy table was the cutest thing ever and the candy was super delicious( I don’t even have a sweet tooth but that candy…ahaha).

Perhaps some people did not make it to the event, because I was expecting to see far more people than I did,  but the event itself was well organised, so well done Scarlett!

I now can’t wait to attend Scarlett’s next event in March, for which you can purchase your tickets here .

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! Would love to know what you thought about the event.


Isa xx

This post was not sponsored. All info come from my own research and experience! I just like to share all my discoveries and experiences with you guys.

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  1. This event looked amazing, i can’t believe i hadn’t heard of it until i saw everyones tweets and instagrams on the night! Also go send sounds amazing too, its a great way to get around US shipping issues! – Maria | MariaJ