Welcome to my new blog section: FOOD.

I’m no Gordon Ramsey, but believe me, you can trust and Italian girl when it comes to food!


Hello guys, and welcome back to my blog!  Today I want to share with you my new blog section: FOOD.

A couple of nights ago I slept really  bad because I had eaten way too much that night and my stomach kept trying to make me feel bad about it. I started thinking I had in fact gone  a bit too far perhaps by ordering the sweet potato fries to go with my chicken burger and that maybe I could have avoided ordering a coke AND an Oreo Milkshake after all. But somehow, although feeling  absolutely sick, I just couldn’t feel guilty about it.

I had been to Byron that night with my boyfriend and had tasted their NEW chicken burger which had basically everything you can think of inside; from onion rings to American cheese, to bacon, jalapeños and BBQ sauce, the CLUCKOSAUROS  REX had it ALL. I must admit I did ask for some ingredients to be taken out from the recipe, but not because I was trying to be healthy or anything , but simply because I didn’t feel like jalapeños and I don’t like pickles. I mean if you order the CLUCKOSAUROS REX, chances are you ain’t trying to be healthy.

Anyhow, this chicken burger was just so magical, I could not but want to write about it, and this made me realise that my blog was actually still missing  a FOOD section. What kind of Italian am I, right?

Well besides the cliches, I absolutely love food. I don’t eat a lot of it, a part from times where I get carried away like  when I order a LARGE Domino’s pizza(second post  I’m mentioning Domino’s, should I be worried?) or go to Byron and order half the menu, but when I do, I make sure I enjoy it.

So just to give you a taste of what  you’ll find in this new blog section :

  • my restaurants experiences not only in London but from all around the world
  • what to and what NOT to order
  • vegetarian options as well as non.
  • requested restaurants reviews
  • food apps reviews

But before I leave, I want to ask YOU GUYS a favour. I really want to interact more with who follows this blog, so I’m asking you to GET INVOLVED. Sounds like a campaign, but trust me, it’s not.

What I’d like is for you guys to contact me by email or just by commenting  any restaurants  or food related  things you’d like me to review, and I promise I will do my best to give you an honest review.I’m no Gordon Ramsey, but believe me, you can trust and Italian girl when it comes to food, especially when she has Afro/Caribbean background hahaha.

I’m so looking forward to making this new section a GREAT one and that’s only possible with your help.


Until next time,

Isa xx


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