My birthday weekend in Florence, Italy.

Hi everyone! I haven’t blogged for the past month, but today I really felt the need to get back on here and share my latest trip with you all. The reason I’ve taken a little(unplanned) break from blogging, is that I am currently writing my dissertation for my final year of uni. If this alone wasn’t enough, try adding to the mix a workplace that rapidly seems to have lost its entire organization, a move into a new UNFURNISHED HOUSE, and really bad anxiety.

I hadn’t planned to take a break from blogging, but I really had no choice. I also had to take a break from work and ask for some time off to focus on getting to the end of my university career in the healthiest way possible.

So, as I have a bit of time today, I want to tell you all about my latest trip to Florence, Italy. As you may know, if you’ve read some of my previous post(read here) or follow me on any kind of social media(instagram, twitter or Facebook), Florence is my hometown, which I left almost three years ago to come to London and study English and Philosophy at University. Lately I’d been really missing my family, and as my birthday was coming up I decided to book a flight back home. Best decision ever!

I didn’t want to have to decide whether to spend my birthday with my family or my boyfriend, so Andrea decided he would tag along with me on this trip. I was really glad I was going to spend the weekend with all the people I love.

I got to Florence really late the night before my birthday so I basically just had something to eat and headed to bed.

The next day was my birthday. Me and Andrea woke up and had breakfast and then headed to the city centre. I say ‘headed’ but as my house is in the city centre, we litterally just stepped outside and walked to the centre. The DUOMO is just 300 yds from my house, and although I’ve walked passed it God knows how many times, and I can see it from my bedroom window, seeing it in person after such a long time was incredible.IMG_8715img_8799-e1492121050997.jpgI hadnt’ been back home in almost a year, and spending my birthday with family and friends was exaclty what I needed. We took a long walk from Via Cavour, one of the main streets in Florence, passed Via Roma, and Piazza Strozzi where all the luxury boutiques are and then headed to Ponte Vecchio, which is the oldest bridge in Town. If you’ve never been to Florence, I advise you go there. It is always filled with people on the bridge as it’s the most famous bridge in Florence, but trust me when I say the view from there is breathtaking.

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After walking around town with Andrea, we headed back home for lunch, which ended with my mum brining out the usual birthday cake we eat at every member of the family’s birthday since I can remember, the MILLEFOGLIE. YUM! I also got to open some presents my parents and sister got for me which included a MOSCHINO Perfume and a FURLA bag(which I will post on my instagram).Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Me and Andrea then got ready to head back out to meet a friend of mine, with whom we went to get some cockatails and have a chat. We also stopped at my sister’s workplace to pick her up during her tea break. We headed to GOLDEN VIEW OPEN BAR, where a friend of ours works and he was soooo nice to serve us some free prosecco and cakes with personalized chocolate writing on the plate saying ‘ AUGURI’ (Happy birthday). I felt like a princess. Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetProcessed with VSCO with a5 preset

My sister then went back to work, while Andrea, Eleonora and I went to a super cool bar called Amblè to have a cocktail. I’d never been to this bar before, and was so pleased she introduced it to me. It’s one of those places that are in the city centre, but a bit hidden in the back streets, so you feel as though you’re not going to the typical ‘touristic’ place. Also the drinks were really nice.

We then headed back home to get ready for my birthday dinner. The dinner took place at Obicà , which is a really fancy restaurant in the city centre. I had been craving Italian pizza for ages, so that’s’ what I ended up getting. The pizza was really nice, but I’m not sure I’d say it is THE BEST pizza in Florence. My judgment could be based on the fact that I was sick that night, although I believe that could have been the drinks more than the food and I was also coming down with a flu.

After dinner we spent the rest of the night at COLLE BERETO, which is a well-known bar in Florence. I’ve never really liked going there as it’s the typical place full of snobs, where people go to show off and make a statement, but it is really close to my house and also has plenty of space for large groups of friends. The drinks there were quite disappointing though, too watery and just really lacking any good flavour. The music was also way too loud, making it impossible to have a decent chat with my friends, but I think we all enjoyed ourselves besides that.

That night after the bar,  I felt absolutely terrible. I was shivering as if I’d been dragged out of a freezer. I had the worst sore throat, terrible stomack cramps and was in doubt whether my time had come. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so sick in my life.

I eventually spent the night throwing up( perhaps this is not what you want to read in a blog post, but it’s what happened), and suddenly feeling much better.

I did come down with a flu that night though, and spent the next day in bed with temperature.

Monday then came around and I was still not feeling too well, but decided I needed to go out as it was our last day in Florence. We took a walk around the city with my sister and had a really great time just spending some time together.

That night we went to eat in one of my favourite reastaurants, Zà Zà, but I’ll write  blog post about that soon to go in the FOOD section of my blog.

On my way back to London, my flight was delayed by 6hs. As Andrea had booked hs flight after me, I flew back to London alone. I was so tired an stressed, as I had booked to meet with my dissertation supervisor the next day, and was afraid the flight might get cancelled. But after waiting in Pisa Airport for a time that seemed to never pass, we managed to fly back to London where we arrived around 1am. I was exhausted and ended up taking a uber home where the coach from Stansted dropped me cause I just couldn’t deal anymore. When I arrived home, andrea had made his veggie LASAGNE and welcomed me home with a bunch of flowers on our bed and a belated birthday gift. Nice way to end such a dreadfull journey.


Processed with VSCO with a5 presetProcessed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Although coming down with a flew was not what I had expected from my holiday, I am still very glad I decided to book that flight back home. Sometimes we just get so drained by all the responsibilities we have in life, that we forget what really matters. I take my job and university carrer very seriously, but I do believe that our mental and physical health remain the most important thing in life. Once you have that, you can then start working on everything else.

I hope everyone enjoyed this post and will be back soon with more!

Happy Ester to you all! Love, Isabel.

Have you ever been to Florence, or would like to Visit? Drop me a comment down below with any thoughts or questions.

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