What I hate more than waiting in queues, is waiting in queues to eat some food.  And try adding to that friends who turn up almost one and a half hours late to the dinner… Not fun right?

But  KANADA-YA is definitely the best ramen restaurant you’ll find in London, which makes it all worth it.

There are TWO KANADA-YA in London, one is by Piccadilly Circus, while the other one is by Covent Garden. So, please, if you book a table there, make sure you go to the right one!  (I did specify to those late friends which one I was at, and they still managed to get it wrong!).

The two branches have the exact same menu, Tonkotsu   (Japanese broth made with pork marrow served with the ramen) ramen with the ‘only’ difference that Covent Garden does not have a veggie option, while Picadilly Circus does. So vegetarians: Picadilly Circus it is for you!

If you’ve never tried Ramen before, and don’t want to waste your money on trying just ANY ramen, I advise you go to KANADA-YA because honestly, you won’t regret it. However, once you go to KANADA-YA I am pretty sure any other RAMEN will not quite do it for you.

The Covent Garden branch is rather small, and there is often a long queue at lunch time, and sometimes for dinner too. But don’t worry, you will be seated eventually and you’ll also receive some hot teawhilst waiting during winter. But if you really can’t wait,  then given the other branch a call, or just book a table

I’ve tried both branches and have tasted different plates. The TONKOTSU( £10.50), TONKOTSU X (£10.50) or the CASHU-MEN(£13) are the options I’d recommend if you have never tried ramen, as I’d say they are the more ‘classic’ kind of ramen. But if you want to wing it and explore other options, then the TRUFFLE(£14) ramen is definitely the one I’d recommend. It really is my favorite.


If you’ve never had TONKOTSU ramen before, then I’d say: don’t order anything else. Though it may seem like just broth and pork, because that’s what it is, it is so filling. The broth is also delicious, as it’s not at all watery, but is just as filling by it self.

If you do want to order a starter, I can only recommend what I’ve tried, which is the fried Japanese chicken with Mayo(£4, which is £1 per piece, but oh well!): 7/10!

What else to add? I just love KANADA-YA‘s ramen and have never been disappointed.

Hope you guys try it and let me know what you think!

Until next time

Isabel x


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