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If you’re part of the Blogging world you probably know who Sarah Ashcroft is, and have probably read or heard about her latest interview with Cosmopolitan(read here).

But If you haven’t and would like to know exactly what she said in the interview and what I think about it, then grab a cup of whatever you like and be prepared for one BIG RANT.


So, for those of you who don’t know her, Sarah Ashcroft is a British influencer, who is really in the spotlight at the moment. She has recently collaborated with many brands from In the Style to La Moda, Missguided to Pretty Little thingAnyhow, Sarah Ashcroft recently posted on her Instagram story a link to her latest interview with Cosmopolitan: ‘How Sarah Ashcroft turned her Instagram into a money-making business’, where she explains how she became famous.

‘I started my blog in September 2013 while I was looking for a job in fashion PR…’ Sarah says.

Hmm, So far so good, I think.

‘because employers would always ask about whether I had one during interviews’. She continues.

Hmm… so you didn’t really want to blog Sarah, did you? You just sort of had to. But ok, let’s just read the rest and see if it gets any better.


Way to go Sarah! That’s definitely inspiring! It’s more common than you think’, she adds. Oh well, then it must be ok to do. Let’s just all buy whatever we want, post it as if it was our own and then return it right back. Just be careful not to ruin whatever you buy darlings, cause chances are you’ll have a rough time trying to return that!

But let’s move on, I think to myself. There’s got to be SOMETHING I find impressive in this article.

So I keep scrolling down and waiting for that SOMETHING to finally show up and allow me to be like: ‘There you go! I knew there had to be a good thing she said in this article’. But nope, there more I scroll down and the more I’m wondering if I’m even going to make it to the end.


Wait Wait Wait Wait… what the hell are those inverted commas around ‘real’? As in getting paid by brands to post outfits on your Instagram is not a job? I mean, ok, it’s not the average job, but I thought if you did it regularly and got paid for it, it was a job. But ok… But then I can’t’ help but ask if you are currently unemployed Sarah, or if you just have a ‘fake’ job through which you make money?

I think you’ve got some explaining to do here.


But the article is not finished yet, so I’m still waiting for that SOMETHING good to be there. A couple more scroll downs I get to the section ‘HASHTAG AD’. Ok, OK, let’s see this, I think to myself.


‘My followers are so engaged with me that whatever I wear they will go and buy it’, She says.

 WTF Sarah? Are you for real? Sounds more like Brainwashed then engaged to me. WHATEVER YOU WEAR? As in your followers don’t even have their own style or brain? As in you could wear a bin bag and they’d still buy it?  * takes a deep breath *

‘Brands know that if I wear their clothes, people will buy it. The COCKINESS THOUGH!!!

I was doing it for fun and for a hobby, and I feel that’s lost now’. No, you were not. You were doing it because you had to, in order to get a PR job, at least that’s what you said in the opening of the interview.

‘I wanted to be a PR, and I still get to enjoy that world, but from the other side, now I’m the one being taken on trips and for dinner’.

 You hear that PRs? She ain’t like you losers, she’s the one who’s now taken on trips and for dinner. Who wants to be a PR when you can have brainwashed followers who buy WHATEVER you wear, right?

There is then a section called ‘THE POWER OF INFLUENCE’. Well, I guess we already know what power she believes she has, kinda supernatural, kinda unique, you know.


‘I started to realise that my followers are so engaged with me and care so much about my opinion that brands shouldn’t be telling me what to post- I should be telling them’

You hear that brands? Just fire all your social media managers and staff, ’cause Sarah Ashcroft will be doing the job… Come on now!


But this is where the real fun begins!

‘It’s the same with social media too, really. I don’t really blog anymore because we live in a lazy culture, and I know that people can’t be bothered to click a link’.

ANYMORE? Did you EVER blog Sarah? Putting a pic on the ‘blog’ and saying where you got the clothes from ain’t blogging. You might be an influencer, but you are not a blogger.

Too lazy to click a link? Yeah, people might be lazy to read a whole blog post, which is why Instagram and YouTube are way more popular, but lazy to click a link? If that’s the case, then why do you constantly post links to whatever you do? Why did you even promote this article? If people can’t be bothered to click a link, how on earth are you going to get them to read THIS article?


‘The Blogging world is quite fake’. Well, I’ve met some great people since Blogging, but too bad for you I guess.




Really, Sarah? Not everyone wants to be Instagram famous. I come from a city where not one person blogs (not that I know of), and some don’t even have social media. There are other things in the world that people aspire to. Not everyone wants to be a blogger!

But if this has not made you lose any hope about blogging, then read the next few lines.


‘If I’m completely honest, I don’t think there’s any space for more bloggers in the industry everyone is one these days. It’s ridiculous’.


So bloggers, sell your Mac-books, digital cameras, blogging magazines, whatever blogging related thing you own and shut down your blog, cause you’re wasting your time. Sarah, Queen of the industry (apparently) has officially revealed the unknown truth about blogging, which is that every spot in the industry has officially been taken. You better find yourself another hobby fast!


Finally, she says ONE thing I agree with:

‘The only way you ar going to stand out is if you do something completely original and be totally yourself’.

Alright, now we’re getting somewhere… But wait, how are you original Sarah? What did you do that no one has done before? I’ve only known about you since I moved to London, so maybe you created some trend little Italian me knows nothing about, but I pretty much doubt it!


And then she gives a little tip for everyone who takes inspiration from other girls’ Instagram page. Oh no, wait, from HER PAGE!

‘The amount of Instagram pages that I come across that I’m like, ‘Is it my Instagram page?’ It’s flattering, but I almost want to say to them, ‘Look, I know you love what you do, but you’re not going to get anywhere by doing that because I already do it’.

 And what exactly DO you do Sarah? I mean, you’re talking about your nonjob-job as something you invented as if you were the ONLY one doing IT. Sorry to burst your bubble, but you ain’t. Regarding the Instagram argument, I do agree that too many bloggers have the same kind of feed, I’ll give you that. But yours is neither original nor different from any other blogger I’ve seen around. The only reason your Instagram page stands out is because you’re a well-known public figure, not because you do anything NEW or ORIGINAL.


She finally concludes saying that you’ve got to have a backbone in the industry and not care what anyone else thinks, a claim she must obviously support having said such awful things in this interview.

I felt I wanted to say something about this interview as it is the most presumptuous thing I’ve read in a while. I totally disliked her arrogance, her cockiness, her way of referring to brands, her own followers and mostly to other bloggers. In my opinion, the blogging world is a world that offers different opportunities to different people. We are all DIFFERENT, so as long as you promote who YOU are, there will always be space for you.

I once read on a blog: There is room for everyone in the industry because your blog should reflect you and your personality and there’s only one of you’.

On this note, I’d like to end my post. Don’t get me wrong, I do believe the industry is soooo big it’s really hard to stand out and become the number one fashion/ food/ lifestyle or whatever blogger, but that does not mean one must stop doing what they like. And if you ever make it, PLEASE be nice to your followers, to brands, to anyone.


I always say: ‘ If you have nothing nice to say, then just shut up’.


I wish I could have given Sarah this advice.

What are your thoughts on this article? I’d love to hear your opinion.

Until next time!











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  1. Honestly! I laughed the whole was through this post because it’s exactly what I was thinking while reading the article.
    She makes a couple of valid points about the way some people think towards blogging, like the importance of being yourself and she mentioned something about interacting with her followers but the couple of good points she makes were surrounded by total garbage!
    She did not come across in the best light at all.

    1. Totally agree! The fact sh replies where she gets the clothes she posts from is good, but it’s also the least she could do! I also believe originality is the key, but what you preaching ain’t what you’re doing, so bye!

      So glad you enjoyed this x

  2. You are absolutely right and it was exactly what I was thinking when I read that ridiculous interview. So unbelievably arrogant, self centred and has one high opinion of herself. To say that there’s no point in there being any more bloggers because the industry is too big is an insult, has it not crossed her mind that we aren’t all in it to be number one, we are in it for so many reasons and have passion which she so clearly lacks.
    Fab blog post lovely xx

    1. Thank you so much. What I really hated was the fact that she just seems to say how brilliant she is, without considering that there are other great bloggers out there who may not be as big as you now but might be one day. There is nothing good about trying to destroy other people’s work at all x

  3. Well said girl!! I find it so disappointing when bloggers who have ‘made it’ feel the need to bring the rest of us down when there will be people reading that article thinking about starting up a blog and then left feeling completely discouraged. She’s only had her blog for four years. She wasn’t the only blogger around back then and surely she herself looked to other established bloggers back then for inspiration, so how she can act as if she is the original face of the blogging world is ridiculous. As you say, our blog is a result of our personality and the last time I checked there were no laws on how many personalities may exist within the world.

    Toni x

    1. Exactly! She’s acting like she started this business!!! She did not. So just as she is doing what she likes, she needs to let others do what they like. It’s not about telling the truth because no one knows the truth in life. You never know the great things that could happen to you, and surely Sarah Ashcroft cannot be the one to decide your future for you.

      Yes to being ourselves, but also to supporting one another and not destroying others’ passions.

  4. I’ve been away for the past 3 days and not had proper wifi. The whole article didn’t load for me so from the half I read it didn’t seem so bad. The. I managed to get hold of the whole article and omg! I used to look up to her. Lol not anymore. Love this post.

    1. Thank you very much. The intention of the article wasn’t to make people hate her, I mean she did that all by herself. It was to make a point that we can all do what we like, and we need to have a reality check sometimes. Humbleness is always the best attitude x

  5. Omg couldn’t agree more! That’s to arrogant /: I don’t actually know if I’m following her on Instagram but definitely won’t be now!

    1. thanks 🙂 I just feel it was really disrespectful for her to say these things. I didn’t write this post in the hope she’ll lose some followers, but because although she is well-known someone needs to give her a reality check and remind her she started off small and unknown just as everybody else x

  6. I actually didn’t know of Sarah before this cosmo article and I totally agree with you on how there’s a place for anyone in the blogging community. I just started my blog this year and the amount of positivity and support I’ve expierienced is absolutely insane! We should support each other and spread love instead of jealousy and false accusations of how people try to copy one another. xxx yella

    1. Hope your blog goes well! Good on you for starting one 🙂 Thanks for reading glad it makes people feel less bad about their blog.

  7. Hey! I saw you tweeted the link to this post and I have never been so gobsmacked. It is so cheeky and rude to not even take the time to thank the people who you essentially brainwash and the brands that support you – instead mocking everyone in the community around you. I have been so lucky that I have had the blogging community to support me when I felt low and welcome me with open arms. I love that final quote – it is totally true. EVERY blog is different. There can be similarities, 100% but like you quoted, there is one you!!
    So glad I could come across your blog, your fantastic!!!

  8. Omg, this made me so happy!

    Thank you, thank you thank you! I love that people are finding inspiration and hope in this post. There was so much negativity in that interview I felt the need to spread some positivity and give her a little reality check. I hate that some are accusing this post of being ‘tactic’ just because it is about a well-known influencer.

    I actually did not know what the response to it would be, as she is sooo big and I’m just a student who writes on a blog. A couple of girls have criticised how I timed this post really well, but that’s not timing, that’s me not being able to take all that negativity and say nothing about it.

    I’m really glad so many are appreciating this post and that it’s making people feel better about their own blog.

    Thanks for reading xx

  9. “I always say: ‘ If you have nothing nice to say, then just shut up’.”
    You could maybe do with taking your own advice there love, seriously, why does her interview bother you so much that you have to write a whole blog post slating her? It stinks of jealousy. Other bloggers may well agree with you but this really doesn’t make you look good. What happened to community? To supporting each other? This makes you everything that you supposedly hate about her.

    1. If you did not find a nice message in this post then maybe you need to read again.

      What happened to community? To supporting each other? This is exactly what I was wondering when reading the interview, love!

      Think of it as jealousy, I don’t really care. I don’t see anything admirable in showing a lack of values, such as humbleness, gratefulness, supportiveness towards new bloggers and respect towards each and every person who works in your industry.

      The above reasons and the fact that soo many young girls and boys look up to her are the reasons why this interview makes me so mad.

      Don’t see how this makes me any similar to her, but happy to hear your thoughts on that.

  10. ‘if you’ve nothing nice to say then just shut up’ I think you need to practice what you’re trying to preach. I think a lot of people are reading far too much into it, other bloggers in particular. She is doing very very well for herself at the minute & I do think there’s a lot of jealousy. I found the article very honest & I admire her for that. Some people just don’t like the truth. I don’t see what this blog post of yours is trying to achieve, or prove. You’re doing nothing but criticising her, having nothing nice to say. Hypocrite.

    1. Y’all keep going on about that quote and I’m just going to keep replying the same thing to all of you. If you do not see a positive message towards other bloggers in my post, then that’s because you don’t want to see it. Of course, the response to Sarah is not positive, as I did not agree with what she said in the interview, but the message to other bloggers I believe is positive. No one should think they can tell others if there is or is not space for them to follow their dreams.
      There is a fine line between honesty and presumptuousness, and I believe she crossed it. Of course, that is my opinion, just as you have yours.

      An exclamation mark would have been stronger after ‘Hypocrite’.

  11. “I always say: ‘ If you have nothing nice to say, then just shut up’.” Says the girl who has written an ENTIRE article on her blog criticising someone else for their opinion. Instead of giving th advice to Sarah, maybe you should take that advice yourself maybe? Just a thought!

    1. If you don’t see the positive message towards other bloggers than I don’t even know what to say to you.

  12. I don’t understand what you got from writing this article, other than the fact that you have used her and her followers by tagging her in a tweet to get traffic to your own blog. You are using her name for your own benefit which is a shame due to the fact that you call her arrogant for stating that people do that. You’re the one talking about community whilst bashing another woman that you DON’T EVEN KNOW online – purely out of jealousy of her success. Very sad that people feel the need to do this to others. She is one of my best friends and she is a truly beautiful person inside and out. She is caring and HONEST, and would never talk about someone the way that you are talking about her. I hope this brings you all the attention that you are lacking in your own life.

    1. Hi, ‘Friend’. Thank you for reading and leaving a reply on this post. I understand that as a friend, or as anyone who knows Sarah, it must be unpleasant to read my article. However, Sarah, who is a well-known influencer has had the courage to go on a well-known magazine and share her thoughts on her blogging career. This alone makes her thoughts no longer private but in contrast available to EVERYONE.

      Firstly this is to say, that once her words become public knowledge, everyone is entitled to an opinion on them.
      Secondly, you have the courage to come here, on MY blog and insult me for having shared my opinion on MY BLOG, but will not accept that I criticize Sarah for sharing her thought on a worldwide known MAGAZINE? Hmmm, that is interesting indeed.

      Some have started saying that I used this post to get traffic to my blog and to be honest, I think that’s just an attempt to make me look bad, but you can think that if it makes you happy.
      However, I was so disappointed when I read the interview that I felt I needed to share my own opinion.

      What I got from it is that I was able to share with others my thoughts on the interview because everyone is entitled to an opinion, but when you have a blog that’s just where you happen to write it.

      When I first wrote the article I did not even know the whole interview situation was going to last this long and touch so many people, so your argument about me using it to get traffic is also quite irrelevant. But again, your opinion!

      Thankfully my parents have thought me never to be jealous of anyone in life, but to admire, which is different! But admiring means seeing in others qualities you would like to have yourself. Unfortunately, the way Sarah came across in her article, leave very little space for admiration.
      Self-centeredness, arrogance, and lack of appreciation and humbleness were just some of the aspects she showed in that interview, which excuse me, but I do not find admirable at all.

      If you think my article has done ‘bad’ to her, think of ALL the people’s dreams her interview has attempted to crush.

      I do not know her as a person, which is why I did not comment on who she is, but on what she said. She might be a beautiful person, but she surely did not come across that way.

      Please feel free to reply to this at any time!

      1. I absolutely see the positive and that’s great, but what I also see is you tearing somebody else down for expressing their opinion. If you’d have removed the negativity towards Sarah then that quote would be acceptable but it’s completely hypocritical of you to negatively discuss somebody but then end the article by saying you should only say nice things. You’ve criticised Sarah for doing things that you are doing yourself in this article.

        1. Perhaps This was not clear, but my point there was that the interview did not seem to have ONE positive and nice word towards anybody(but herself of course). This is what I mean by ‘If you have nothing nice to say then just shut up’. She had the chance to say so many inspiring and encouraging things to anyone who read this, but instead, she chose to boost herself up and ignore the negative effect that would have on her audience. I would have never gone on a well-known magazine to do an interview if I had nothing nice to say about anyone. Of course, you are free to see that as hypocritical if you want.

  13. I agree with this. I won’t follow her anymore simply because how she adressed her followers. Sounded like she really didn’t want to be a blogger in first place, but has done it because she couldn’t find a job. Imo blogging isn’t any kind of success or hard work. I think it should be a hobby. People are pissed because bloggers get stuff for free and being shady about it. Luxury stuff lost their value, why, because someone wears chanel and dior and eats tuna for lunch and takes public transport, but has bag worth 10000£. For her IG is her success, and telling young girls only thing that matters is clothes and make up she wears. It’s humiliating that someone doesn’t have higher ambitions besides social networks and what I’m going to wear today.

  14. I feel like as a blogger, you had to comment on Sarah’s interview which by the way was full of cr*p. The ungreatfulness in her tone was immensely shocking. You are a blogger, a writer and you have every right to comment, critizise and offer some insight on what really is going on.
    You go girl…..

  15. i’m a big believer in not tearing others down to make yourself heard, but i actually came to your blog through a recent chat and was intrigued to read this article in particular. although i’d not read her whole interview due to the controversy and general negativity it caused already, i think the points you make in this are good. she hasn’t been particularly pleasant about others and in general, made a bit of a show of herself although she is successful, no doubt. interesting post to read, thanks! x

    1. Hello Leanne. I completely agree with your view on not tearing others down to make yourself heard. In fact, what some people fail to understand is that I did not write the article with the intention of making her look bad( as I believe she already covered that herself) whilst giving me the opportunity to be known/ heard. I like to speak my mind on topics that interest me, whether controversial or not, and as it is my blog I believe I have every right to share my thoughts on here. I did not know what the response to my article would have been, as the controversy had not begun yet when I wrote it. Some may disagree on sharing personal opinions or on the way I shared them, but I am pleased to know that so many readers laughed at my sarcasm, was entertained by the post and found that they felt a bit better about their own blog after reading it. Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂 Much appreciated!