Best Foundations for Dark/Black skin.

Despite being in the 21st century, I often hear women with dark/black skin say how hard it is for them to find a foundation that matches their complexion. As a black Italian young woman, who was born and lived in Italy her whole life, not finding a foundation which matched my skin tone was something I was used to. But when I moved to London three years ago, I thought I’d finally solved the problem of not finding makeup products to match my complexion. The fact that stores even stocked foundation for my complexion and that I no longer had to walk town looking like a ghost, was something completely new to me. But after 3 years in  London, I’m realising that sometimes people with dark/black skin still struggle to find the right foundation for them.

So I thought I’d share with everyone some of the best foundations for dark/black skin I’ve tried so far.


1)L’Oréal – True-match.

I’ve used L’Oréal True Match foundation for years now. This foundation never fails me and whichever new foundation I decide to try, I always have my stash of the True match just in case the new one doesn’t work out for me. One of the things I love the most about it is, of course,  the wide range of shades it comes in. The True Match foundation is also super blendable and gives you a nice smooth finish look.

L’Oréal have three different lines for this foundation: N(neutral), C(cool), and W(warm). The right one for you will depend on your skin undertone whether it’s neutral, cool or warm. After you’ve figured out what your undertone is, you can then pick the right shade for you. If you read any US reviews about this foundation but you’re actually from the UK or from any other European country, you might get a bit confused as the shades range, names, and packaging vary from country to country. What  I would suggest is to buy The true match in store for the first time, just to be sure you are buying the right shade. The only downside to this foundation is the fact that if you have oily skin as I do, then you’ll probably need to set it with a bit of powder to avoid the  T area getting oily. Apart from this, the True Match is definitely one of my favourite foundations of all times.

L’Oréal – True-match.£9.99


2) Maybelline -Fit Me Matte & Poreless Foundation.



This foundation also comes in beautiful dark shades. Maybelline claims this to be a medium to full coverage foundation, although I’d say it’s more of a medium. I must admit I haven’t found the exact shade for my complexion yet, which is why I always purchase two different shades of this foundation to then mix them and get my skin tone colour. However, I keep buying this foundation as I really like the nice smooth looking skin it gives me and the fact that I don’t find it too heavy on my skin. The matte finish is also perfect for my oily skin, which makes it one of my favourite drugstore Foundations.

Maybelline -Fit Me Matte & Poreless Foundation.£6.99


3) Urban Decay Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup.

I first tried this foundation one summer when I was looking for an alternative to my Mac Studio fix. I was surprised to find that this foundation comes in quite a few dark shades. The weightless effect is definitely the thing I love the most about this foundation, as I feel I’m almost not wearing any makeup. One thing I must say though it that it doesn’t match my skin tone 100% but that’s probably because I picked a shade which was a bit lighter than my complexion. Although it is a bit pricey, I will probably be buying this foundation again, making sure I choose right shade this time!

Urban Decay Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup.£28.50


4) Bobbi Brown Finishing Powder.

No, Not Witney Houston’s husband in case you were wondering ( I thought that for years till one of my cousins actually told me it was not THAT Bobby Brown). Anyhow, The only product I’ve ever tried from Bobbi Brown is actually a finish powder which I sometimes wear as powder foundation when I want a very natural look and just to have an even skin tone. However, I once did a friend’s makeup for an event and used her Bobbi Brown stick foundation on her which I was really impressed with. The packaging, first of all, looks super heigh end and the stick is very easy to use as it runs smoothly on your face. I am really tempted to by my own Bobbi Brown foundation stick, but I’m afraid I might get hooked on it as I can’t afford for that to become my go to foundation in terms of price right now(£31.00).

Bobbi Brown Finishing Powder. £28.00


5) Fashion Fair-  Perfect Finish Cream to Powder Foundation(Oil Free).




I was first introduced to this brand by my mother, who has been a Fashion Fair ‘advocate’ from when their foundation still came in the peachy pink case. Fashion Fair is the largest Black-owned cosmetic company in the world, which aims to satisfy the need for women of colour to find makeup products that suit their complexion. The Fashion Fair foundation I use is the Perfect Finish Cream to Powder(oil free) foundation. I find creamy foundations best for me in the winter than summer as I find the cream foundations greasier than other foundations. This foundation comes of course in a variety of lovely dark shades and a new luxury looking brown packaging which I really like.

Fashion Fair- Perfect Finish Cream to Powder Foundation. £25.50


6) Iman Cosmetics Second to None Cream To Powder Foundation.



Again, another brand to which I was introduced by my mother. I’m starting to think she knows more about makeup than I do… The founder of Iman Cosmetics is the beautiful Iman herself, who created the first cosmetics collection designed for all women with dark/black skin. I’ve only tried the Second to None Cream to Powder foundation and never purchased it again for the simple fact that it’s really hard to find in stores and I cannot remember the shade I used the first time.  I believe it can only be found in some hair shops and Morleys, and of course on the Iman Cosmetics Official Website.  However, I feel like I need to purchase this foundation again because it has stuck in my mind since the first time I tried it and I believe I really did like how the foundation matched my complexion.

Iman Cosmetics- Second to None Cream To Powder Foundation. £24.50


7) Mac- Studio Fix Fluid Foundation. 


Mac is probably one of the most used makeup brands by people with dark/black skin. Mac definitely has a wide range of shades in different foundations, which makes it a number one choice for many. I’ve used the Mac studio fix Fluid Foundation for many years now and I believe it’s the one that best matches my complexion. I try to avoid using this foundation for an everyday use as it is a bit heavy but when I’m going for a full on makeup face The Mac Studio Fix is definitely the perfect foundation as it gives you the full coverage.

Mac Studio Fix Fluid Foundation.£23.50

There are so many more foundations I’m  dying to try such as the Giorgio Armani foundation or the Lancôme  one, but I might have to save up a bit more for these, as they are a little pricier than the ones I have mentioned. I’ve also heard good things about Black-UpMakeup forever and NARS , but I have yet to try these as well.

I’m sure there are other brands which stock foundations for dark/black skin tones but these are the ones I’ve come across and tried so far.

Fell free to comment below on what your thoughts are on the ‘finding good foundations for dark/black skin‘ topic and to suggest any brands I may not have mentioned.

I really hope to have given you some interesting suggestions and hope you all find the right shade of foundation for you.

Untile next time!


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