Amelia Liana’s fake pictures. The drama around the blogger’s edited photos.

As you guys may know I always like to keep up to date with the latest dramas and gossips. This said, it does not mean I  always like to get involved in them, as I mostly keep out of it, but when I feel the argument in question relates to me in any way, then you can bet  I’ll be sharing my opinion.
So, about a month ago I saw a tweet about blogger Amelia Liana , in which she was ‘called out’ for editing her Instagram photos.Well, most people do that, you might be thinking. And in fact, most people do edit their Instagram pics. But blogger Amelia Liana probably took her editing a bit too far and that’s when viewers got really annoyed.
Social media users pointed out that something about Amelia Liana’s pictures was not right. Her picture in front of the Thaj Mahal, for example, which was supposedly  taken in April, did not show the scaffoldings which other visitors claimed to be present at the time of Amelia’s visit. Another picture shows Amelia on Brooklyn bridge , in which she seemed to have actually pasted herself on a picture which had been previously edited for it to be perfectly symmetrical. A second picture from New York shows Amelia holding an unmelted ice cream. Nothing wrong with that, you’d think. However, social media users pointed out that that particular fish shaped  ice cream  cone is sold at about  20 minutes from where the picture was supposedly  taken, making it impossible for the ice cream to still be perfectly in tact.


Two pictures that really got me interested were  ones which show Amelia in a hotel room with a beautiful view of New York, followed by a caption “What a welcome to NYC #TopOfTheRock”.However, viewers commented that view in the picture could not have been up to date, as the Freedom Tower completed in July 2013 was missing from the picture.


”Isn’t that your bed though?”

Some viewers also pointed out that in the picture where Amelia claims to be at the Shangri-La Hotel in London,  the bed in the supposed hotel room was actually Amelia’s bedroom’s bed, making it hard for her followers to believe she was really there and leaving comments such as ”isn’t that your bed though?”.



Personally, I think that there is nothing wrong with editing when it comes down to things like adjusting the light or increasing the colour contrast or even removing a zit off your face if you don’t like it. These things, in my opinion, are not really lying to your followers.
But regarding editing one’s pictures, I believe my opinion depends on who is doing the editing.

”It’s your account and you can do whatever you want”.

As a social media user , I believe there is no harm in editing your own pictures. It’s your account and you can do whatever you want with it, whether it’s putting a sunset as a background of your picture, or even adding the birds Amelia was accused of adding in her pictures, which I now think have become famous enough to have their own Instagram account and totally get verified.

”A blogger’s  number one responsibility is to be honest”. 

But as a  blogger , my opinion on editing your pictures does change. I believe a blogger’s number one responsibility is to be HONEST. People follow bloggers because of who they are , because of the messages they share , because of the style they have . Bloggers are also promoters of brands nowadays and give out recommendations to followers on places to visit, food to eat, films to watch, products to buy and so on. So, when a blogger edits her own pictures in a way that makes that picture far from realistic, that’s where I think we have a real problem. Bloggers like Amelia Liana should be out there to inspire people to travel, to discover new places, to want to explore the world. But when what you are showing is not what your followers will see once they travel to those places, that is lying. Some have tried defending the blogger, explaining how she does indeed travel to the places portrayed in her pics, but I think that is beside the point. I don’t know whether Amelia actually does visit these places or not, but it’s the fact that people take recommendations from her for places to visit that is wrong, as these places  will not be as she has portrayed them.

Amelia in Florence.

One picture, in particular, caught my attention. It was a picture of Amelia( and her birds, of course), on a rooftop in Florence . I looked at it carefully again and again. I really wanted to be wrong but unfortunately, being from Florence myself I knew I wasn’t. The picture shows Amelia on a rooftop facing the Duomo. Firstly if you know Florence, you’ll know there is no building right in front of the cathedral, and secondly that even if there was, the picture she shot could not have been the one she posted. The dimensions of the Duomo are definitely too small to be true, and there is no way you’ll ever get a picture of the Duomo and the Campanile di Giotto next to each other the way Amelia did. This is where I believe editing becomes a serious matter. Amelia’s followers will be very disappointed once they realise they’ve booked a flight to Florence, and guess what: that roof top does not exist!


But what is the real issue with editing pictures?

I think the real issue here needs to be addressed. Personally, I do not want to see a brochure of the perfect places and perfect people when I browse social media, that’s what VOGUE is for. But during the last couple of years, social media, mainly Instagram, has become a place where the ‘real’ no loner gets noticed and has slowly been  surpassed by the ‘perfect’ magazine pictures. Bright white pictures attract viewers and get the most likes; perfect hair and perfect makeup seem to be a must for a selfie to get engagement. Some Bloggers nowadays get payed a generous amount of money for each picture they post on social media, and those pictures have to be of the best quality.  The competitions is high, and the pressure for bloggers must be real. Wanting to be social media famous these days comes with a lot of pressure. Just think about that guy who died less than a month ago, because he and his girlfriend aspired to gain more followers. The two decided to record a video with him holding a book on his chest and her shooting right at him. Social media has become absolutely insane! People have become addicted to it, and as every addiction, it has become beyond unhealthy .

A Victim of social media.

This does not mean I accept and agree with bloggers like Amelia, who lie to their audience, but I do understand the pressure that people like her must be going through on a daily basis. The minute you stop posting a picture, you’re engagement goes down. The minute your picture is not as bright as your previous one, the likes may fall. The truth is, Amelia, just like many others, is a victim of the pressure of Social Media. I find this very scary and sad, but I think it’s the truth. Not everyone wants to be social media famous, but the ones who do are sometimes willing to literally risk their lives for it.
I think it’s time people realised how dangerous this has become especially as some people think they need to live a certain type of life to feel good about themselves. Some people aspire to have that ‘perfect’ Instagram life, which Amelia has proven to us does not even exist. I think it’s time we all did something to prevent social media from getting to our heads and ruining our lives. I really don’t know if and how social media will ever change, but I really hope it will.
I hope you guys enjoyed this post, and please feel free to comment and share your opinions about this topic.
Until next time.
P.S: after publishing this post, Victoria from @inthefrow informed me that Amelia’s picture in Florence was shot on the same terrace where she shot hers. After A lot of investigation, it appears the terrace does exist. I apologies if that is indeed the case. However, I remain skeptical about the dimensions of the architecture and the distance from the terrace.
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  1. I loved this post and I think everything you have said is spot on. Whilst I think the extremes she has gone to are unacceptable they definitely highlight a much bigger problem going on within social influencing. The who USP of using influencers and bloggers used to be that they were real girls that your everyday girl could relate to, but this is becoming far from the truth sadly.

    Great post!

    1. Thank you for reading. Glad you enjoyed. I completely agree, it is really hard to relate to most of the well known bloggers these days. I think it’s mainly because with fame comes money and with money comes a luxurious lifestyle which is understandable. But feeling the need to keep up with social media and faking your pictures is just sad and sends a really bad message as well as being the result of a bigger issue.

  2. I agree with you on the Duomo, it gave me vertigo trying to figure it out. It looks like it’s been foreshortened to fit in, the scale is all off. It might be a real location but it’s been doctored far too much and all perspective has been lost (both literally and practically) xx

    1. Yes Iwas told it is a real location, yet something doesn’t seem quite right about the photo. Thanks for reading xxx

  3. Absolutely love this post! I agree that its a form of lying to make life seem so much more perfect. I love a good staged, well lit shot, but I think the organic part of what Instagram used to be has just been diminishing.