Why I haven’t been blogging the past few weeks|starting a new journey.

I’m not that kind of blogger who has scheduled blog posts and sticks strictly to her blogging plan(as I don’t really have one), but in the last couple of months, my posts had become a little more consistent than in the past.

However, despite waiting to start a new job, and thus having A LOT of time on my hands, these past few weeks have gone by without me posting even one word on my blog. But don’t despair just yet, this post isn’t’ to say that I have quit blogging (as I’m here writing to you now, so that wouldn’t’ really make much sense), but simply to share with you guys the news about a new journey that I have commenced.

Two weeks ago, I decided to begin a new experience, I decided to start a YOUTUBE channel. Yes, I had been pondering about it for months if not longer and eventually decided that I just had to go for it.

Ok, I’m making it sound as if it were a random decision, but it actually wasn’t’. I waited long before starting a youtube channel because every time I attempted to record my first videos, I would hate the quality of them and end up not uploading them. I knew I wanted a better quality camera(not just for youtube but also for my blog posts), and I definitely knew I couldn’t afford a fancy one, so I decided to ask for a camera as my graduation present.

I was soo happy I got gifted a camera by my parents, and at that point, I knew I had no excuse not to start a youtube channel.

So far, I’ve uploaded two videos, on Sunday around 5 pm( unfortunately the second one was uploaded later as I had accidentally scheduled it for the following day hahaha). So far, I am enjoying uploading my videos, but I have no intention of quitting blogging any time soon, if ever.

I find the two worlds(blogging and youtube), very different of course, as they involve completely different ways of interacting with others, but I like a change and I definitely like a challenge!

I can’t guarantee that I’ll be posting regularly on youtube, as I will be starting a new job next week and won’t have all the free time I’ve had in the past weeks, but I just wanted to update you guys in what’s been going on in the last couple of weeks, and why I have been MIA on the blog.

So, here’s the link if you’d like to check out my Youtube channel, and of course I’d love if you subscribed. YOUTUBE: THE BRITALIAN WAY.

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend ❤️

Lots of love,

Isabel x





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