Dinner at ZIZZI

I had been dreaming of going to Zizzi for a while after seeing their delicious looking pizzas and desserts on social media. So, a couple of weeks ago on a Sunday evening after a walk in Hampstead Heath, Andrea and I headed to Zizzi in the O2 center in Finchley Rd.


When we arrived we took a look at the outside menu and saw some interesting dishes.We waited at the ‘wait here to be seated’ sign, while I tried to make eye contact with the waiter, who was standing the closest to the entrance. Despite acknowledging our presence, the waiter did not give any sign of wanting to welcome us in the restaurant, so we stepped forward and into the restaurant and that’s when he decided to approach us. I found that quite odd, as waiters are usually very prompt to invite you in before you even make your mind up on whether you want to eat at their restaurant or not, but that was not such a big deal.


What happened next was rather interesting though. After asking us where we preferred to be seated in a very moody manner, having answered that we didn’t mind, the waiter lead us to our table and before we even got a chance to sit down, he had thrown the menus( not harshly but neither simply laying them) on the table and left. Don’t waiters usually gently lay the menus on the table and wait till you’ve been seated before they walk away? I asked Andrea. He laughed and agreed that indeed, that is usually how it works.

The Menu…

So we opened the menus and took a look at the very interesting options that Zizzi offered. We knew we wanted pizza, so the only doubt was whether to go for the RUSTICA pizza or the CLASSIC pizza. We opted for the latter, precisely the HOT ITALIAN pizza, with Pepperoni, spicy Nduja sausage, green chillies, Fior di Latte mozzarella, riserva cheese & basil. If this doesn’t sound like pizza heaven to you, then I don’t know know what does.

Time to order…

The waitress, now a woman with short blond hair, had by then already asked us once if we were ready to order. As we asked her for a few more minuites the first time, she came back with a bit of a ‘are you ready now?’ attitude. But I wasn’t too bothered about that either, as not only was I ready to order, but I was ready to eat that pizza already. Anyhow, we ordered: two HOT ITALIAN pizzas, one with no chili (for me), and two cokes, no ice.

Flattest drink I’ve tasted in a long time…

The drinks arrived in a pre opened glass bottle( I never paid attention before this day that when you order drinks in glass bottles they open it before they bring it to the table, which will be of importance for what happened next). We poured the drinks out in our glasses and… all I can say was it was one of the flattest cokes I’ve tasted in a long time.

At first, I tried not to make too much of an issue about it, as I thought it may just be me, and I know I can be quite picky,  but when Andrea(who never complains) also confirmed his coke was flat, I knew we had to say something. I suggested he asked for them to be changed, as he comes off much calmer than I do, so when the waitress passed by, he kindly explained that the cokes were really flat and asked if we could change them.

A very annoyed manager…

She kindly agreed to change them, but instead of getting new drinks brought to our table, we got a very annoyed manager heading our way. He asked what the problem was, and again Andrea( as I was now not only less calm but also more annoyed than him), explained that he was unsure of whether there was something wrong with THOSE cokes, but that the drinks were oddly flat.

At that point the manager started having a bit of a bad attitude saying that all they do is open the drinks and bring them to the table, making out there could be nothing actually wrong with the cokes. That’s when I got involved because I felt he was being rather obtuse. I asked whether they had any can cokes instead( as I thought that would solve the problem) and he explained that they didn’t serve cans. I replied that I didn’t know why but that the coke was particularly flat, which in my opinion isn’t ‘normal’ . But the manager was not having it, and started making weird faces like ‘ I don’t know what to say’.  He said he could ( hypothetically, not even actually offering to bring them), change them, but that they’d be the same. The same? I thought, meaning ALL your cokes are flat?

At that point Andrea put and end to that very uncomfortable situation, and said it was ok, and that we’d stick with the flat cokes.

We were made to feel very uncomfortable for pointing out an issue with our drinks…

But the flat cokes were not even the issue at that point. The real problem was that for such a simple thing, Andrea and I were made to feel very uncomfortable by who I believe was the manager. All we did was point out that our drinks were flat. What I also found very disrespectful was the fact that the manager was trying to deny that there was actually something wrong with the drinks, and that that’s just how cokes are(I wish, as I’d definitely be drinking less of it!)

Point out issue when they can still be resolved, rather than complaining once there is no longer anything you can do about it…

One thing my dad always says is how he really doesn’t understand when people go out for dinner, or stay in hotels and wait until they get home to write a bad review and complain. He believes that if you really want to have a good time and enjoy your stay/ food/ experience, then whatever issue you may have it’s better to try and resolve it, for the sake of your experience as much as for the business’ reputation.

And that’s exactly what I did. I wanted to enjoy Zizzi, I wanted to want to go back every week, I wanted to give them a chance to solve the issue before jumping on my blog and writing about how terrible the coke at Zizzi is. But the way the manager made us feel so uncomfortable over such a simple thing, not only did not solve our issue or improve our experience, but it actually made it so much worse.

After the awkward situation, the pizzas finally arrived…

After that awkward situation, the pizzas finally arrived. The sizes were average for a pizza, but the look of it was incredible. We dug into our HOT ITALIAN,  poured some spicy olive oil over them, which made them even tastier and really enjoyed every last bite. The only cons about the pizzas are that they could be a tad bigger, and are not the most filling. However, the quality was great, and possibly one of the best pizzas  I’ve tasted in London so far.


The restaurant was also nice to be in, as it was nicely furnished and not too busy.

Will I be going back to Zizzi?

I was obviously quite upset about the whole drinks situation that the whole experience in Zizzi was really unpleasant. I went in thinking I would enjoy every last bit of my pizza and pick desert after dinner too, but after the manager left our table I really couldn’t wait to leave the restaurant.

So I guess what you’re all thinking at this point is… will you be going back to Zizzi or not? Well, despite the manager making us feel very uncofrtable for pointing out that the drinks were flat, the menu is really interesting, the pizza was really good, and the restaurant itself was nice, so I might give Zizzi the benefit of the doubt and a second chance. I am unsure to wether I’ll be going back to Zizzi anytime soon, but what I’m definitely sure about is that I won’t be going back to the Finchley Road branch.

I will give Zizzi the benefit of the doubt and perhaps a  second chance too. I am unsure to whether I’ll be going back to Zizzi anytime soon, but what I am sure about is that I won’t be going back to the Finchley Rd branch.

Your opinions…

Have you ever been to Zizzi before? What do you think about it? Where the waiters as moody as the ones we got? What was your overall experience?

Comment down below and I’ll find out which branch is the best to visit next time!




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