Confessions of a Shopaholic- Guide to finding your black aviator jacket.

I too am sad that summer has come to an end, but let’s be real, we never really had one in the first place in London; which means we’re not really going to have a hard time accepting that it’s time to get our scarves and beanies  back out(I actually need to start looking for mine). So, as I find AUTUMN/ WINTER clothing much more exciting than summer collections, as you get to layer clothing, and wear super cozy jumpers, I decided to put together a little guide on what the where to find the trendy black aviator jacket that you’ve all been seeing around.

Of course, if you have a couple thousands to spare, you can check out these beautiful aviator jackets from Acne Studios, or Balenciaga.






But, unfortunately, most of us don’t  have 2k to spend on a jacket, so we’ll have to consider different options.

The first one, of course, is the ZARA aviator jacket, which we started seeing on the street last year, and which has launched again this year. So, for those, like me, who couldn’t decide whether to follow the aviator jacket trend last year, guess what? You get a second chance this year.



Pretty Little Thing is selling their Aviator jacket for £70.00, which, if It wasn’t because I already bought mine from Zara, I’d say is EXACTLY the same thing( only sizes M, L available last time I checked).



BUT… if you’re not willing to pay almost £90.00 nor £70.00 for a jacket (which is totally understandable), then there are also other brands who sell it for more affordable prices.

Miss Selfridge do a really similar one for £65.55, which has recently dropped down to £52.00 


£65.00  NOW £52.00



Whilst New Look is selling one for £59.99



Bershka also hopped on the bandwagon and added, not one but TWO aviator jackets to their A/W collection, which retail for £59.99  and £69.99






And, for those who love Faux suede jacket and live with an umbrella in their bag, there is also a Pretty Little thing aviator jacket selling for a friendlier price of £45.00. 



But nothing can really be considered a trendy item if H&M doesn’t sell it. So, last but not least you can find your black aviator jacket at H&M too, for £79.99(which confirms my belief that H&M have really increased their prices in the last 2 years(?).

black aviator H&M



I hope this little guide helps you find the black aviator jacket you’ve been waiting to buy all summer. Good luck on picking yours, and happy shopping 🙂

Your shopaholic Isabel S.W. x

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