Salads and I have never been the best of friends… To tell the truth, me and anything healthy have never been the best of friends. I was once contacted by a guy on Instagram saying how he thought I’d be a great fit for his fitness programme and that I should contact him.

My reply was ‘ Thanks. But I’m more into Netflix and pizza, to be honest’; which pretty much sums up my relationship with anything fitness and a healthy lifestyle related.

But as my mid-twenties are not so far away now, I’m starting to realize I may not be able to pull this ‘junk food fan lifestyle ‘ off for too long anymore. I also suffer from pretty bad gastritis, which I seem to forget about when It comes to Dominos’ ‘Two for Tuesday’  night or a large portion of Mac Donald’s fries( which BBQ sauce, of course).

So I figured I’d give this healthy eating thing a go afterall, and see if my health suddenly improves and I get a Tammy Hembrow kinda body( I’d probably need to actually work out for that, but one step at the time!). This, of Course, only means that me reviewing a place where you can order salads, is yes quite ironic but also that these salads must really be amazing.

So a couple of weeks ago, I tried this food place near my workplace Called TOSSED. The idea of Tossed is that you walk in and order your food all by yourself. There are several Screens available in the restaurant, and all you need to do is select your preferred dish and pay with your card. Done!


Once you click on the screen, you’ll be asked whether you want to eat your meal in or take away. You can then proceed by selecting the dish you’d like to order. There are several options such as hot food, wraps, salads, and deserts. You can also order some sides like crisps( which are strictly baked and not fried, to keep the healthy idea I guess, also very nice!).

The first time I got the Italian mozzarella salad which comes with sundried tomatoes, Olives, mozzarella, and some seed like thing I don’t really know the name of. It  comes with vingeratte as a topping, but you can choose among different toppings which brings us to my second time at Tossed. The first time I didn’t add anything to my Italian mozzarella salad, and just ordered some bacon flavored baked crisps as a side, and water. The second time I ordered the same Italian mozzarella salad but this time I didn’t feel like I had to be too healthy as I’d only had some lemon tea and biscuits for dinner the night before, which meant I deserved some extra calories, you know.

Halloumi cheese and extra virgin olive oil 

I clicked on the menu and selected ‘Italian mozzarella salad’, although I was tempted to look at the hot food…I then added some halloumi roasted cheese and extra virgin olive oil. I felt the salad needed a tad of oil(and salt) the previous time. And voilà, with just a few clicks my salad was on it’s way.

Again I got the bacon flavored chips which I didn’t even end up eating because the salad was quite filling( though I ordered a medium and not a large size).

Both times I ate in and enjoyed my delicious and healthy ( well, almost healthy the second time ) salad. For someone who doesn’t really eat vegetables ( sorry mum, I lied), this is a great place to come to.

If you don’t like these salads, you’ll probably never like any salad at all

I think I can say that if you don’t like Tossed’s salads, you’ll probably never like any salad at all. The restaurant itself is also very very welcoming. All modern and technological with fresh fruits behind the counter ready to be blended if you fancy a juice. You can Watch whilst they are making your salad, which is always a plus for a germ freak like me.

I bet you’re already feeling as if you’d lost a few stones after all that reading. I wonder how much Calories I’ve burned by actually writing this post…

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